Established in 2019 roman levitskiy is an american high end menswear label in which styles and cultures are obsessively mixed. The pursuit of translating newness within the authentic menswear tradition is what defines and drives the brand. Every detail of each piece is thoroughly evaluated until the brand’s high-end prerequisites are met.

Roman levitskiy is known for its unique approach to melting fashion, function and fit in every design each engineered to empower men with confidence and comfort. Many of designs are based on what roman wears daily ensuring that he pays great attention to details and materials.

Ready-to-wear collections are characterized by shifting an effortless cool silhouette and are addressed to trendsetters more than trend followers.

The roman levitskiy brand was founded on principle of uncompromised quality and effortless livestyle.

House insignia

Lion head motif is introduced as an iconic insignia throughout the collection as a representation of roman's heritage. The city of lviv the birthplace of roman is named for a 13th century king named лев(lev pronounced "lyeff") symbolises courage, strength and excellence.

Lion recognised thoughtout collection as an embossed signature of roman levitskiy distinctive house codes.